5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Drink Water.

Water is essential to our health, we hear this all the time. Water carries nutrients to all cells in our body and oxygen to our brain. Water allows the body to absorb and assimilate minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose, and other substances. Water flushes out toxins and waste. Water helps to regulate body temperature. There are many other great things water can do that help keep us healthy.

Drinking water can help you lose weight. Studies show that drinking water can make you burn more calories and can reduce appetite. Drinking water can also lead to decreased calorie intake and reduce the risk of long-term weight gain and obesity.

Drinking water helps maximize your physical performance. Drinking plenty of water during physical activity is essential. Not only will drinking water replace what is lost through preparation during activity but it also affects your strength, power, and endurance.

Water aids with digestion. Drinking water before, during, and after a meal will help your body break down the food more easily. This will allow your body to more efficiently get the most out of your meals including those key nutrients, minerals, and vitamins your body needs.

Drinking water aids with cognitive function. Proper hydration is key to staying in tip-top cognitive shape. In fact, a study on Cognitive performance and dehydration showed that not drinking enough water can negatively impact your focus, alertness, and short-term memory.

Drinking water can help fight off illness. Drinking enough water can prevent some medical conditions like constipation, kidney stones, exercise-induced asthma, urinary tract infection, and hypertension. Water also helps with the absorption of important nutrients from your food which also play a role in keeping you healthy.

Drinking clean healthy water is important to your health and will keep your body operating at optimal levels.